What is a Reset Diamond Tool?

Hang onto those used diamond dressers, they likely have a few extra lives left!

It's a seldom known fact that used single-point diamond dressers can have a few extra lives beyond the trash bin.  Natural industrial-grade diamonds are shaped most commonly in cube or pyramid shapes, and depending on the grade or quality of the diamond, each diamond averages 2-3 good points.  Typically a single-point diamond dresser contains a whole diamond embedded in a metal shank, so like an ice berg, there is more diamond below the surface of the metal that can be utilized... but that's where we come in!  When you wear down the exposed diamond tip on a dressing tool don't throw that tool out, put it to the side.  Once you have saved up a decent batch, send them into us for a reset service.  The benefit of this is that a reset tool costs about 1/3 of the price of a brand new tool.

Ye Olde' Diamond Dressers.... here's an old batch just waiting to be restored!

reset, diamond dresser, tool


What is happens during a "Reset Service"?

While the process is a trade secret, in a nutshell here is what occurs...

After receiving your used diamond tools we remove the used diamond from the metal shank or holder.  Then your diamonds are inspected for quality, and once a decent point has been identified, the diamond is set in a brand new metal shank.  If the diamond has been reset several times before or has structural integrity issues like cracks or chips, it will be considered "perished" and discarded.  After the diamond has be set in a new shank, the tool is then machined to expose the diamond and polished up.... good as new!

New Tool Bodies.... time to load these babies up!


How long does this process take?

On average we can get your resets out the door in 1 week or less upon receiving them.  It all depends on how many tools you send us, but we know that your time is valuable and we don't like you to be without them!

The end result is nothing short of a fully functional and beautiful new tool!  Plus the-long term savings can't be beat.

Feel free to drop us a line or email if you have any questions about your diamond dressers and our services!


Your Abrasive (yet friendly) Customer Service Team